Appeal to the South African Muslim Public

Posted: December 12, 2010 in Social
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The Muslimality Team is still awaiting official responses from public Ulama bodies and institutions whose sole function is to serve the public such as the various Jamiat organisations, Islamic community radio stations, Halaal certification bodies etc. in South Africa.

It must be pointed out that we have no problem supporting any Islamic public organisation in particular, we do however have a great problem when supporters of these public organisations blindly assume and labour under the misconception that these institutions are not accountable to the South African Muslim public.

We have time and again openly requested official responses from the aforementioned organisations and have made numerous calls for simple, clear-cut, academic responses.

If any reader of Muslimality is able to source official answers to the questions posed from the respective organisations, we humbly request you to post these in the comment section to this or any other relevant post and you will be contacted accordingly Insha Allah.

N.B. : We are not looking for emotionally-charged responses nor responses which side-stepped the issues at hand. We have no interest in hearing from the aforementioned institutions unless their responses are of an academic nature substantiated by clear-cut, authenticated, authoritative Islamic Juristic Principles.

We urge every single Muslim who is living in South Africa and concerned with the situation of Islam in South Africa to merely copy and paste the questions we have provided in an email to the respective bodies and if you receive any response from them, please forward the response to us via the comments facility below.

Jamiat Fordsburg


Jamiat KZN


SANHA (South African National Halaal Authority)


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