Say What? Of Judges and Whiners

Posted: May 25, 2011 in Say what?
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Over the past week, Muslimality has been met with harsh criticism over the recent Riaad Moosa parody fiasco. Muslimality has always maintained that critics are welcome to submit criticism & objections of pieces featured on the Muslimality blog as long as such submissions are substantiated with and accompanied by valid, authentic and academic evidence.

Our response to the Riaad Moosa fiasco was no different. The responses were and still are open to any valid criticism. Sadly, the vast majority of those who see no problem with the parody video have been unable to submit a single shred of evidence for their support of the parody. With everyone, from Supersport presenters to Saudi Embassy employees jumping on the band wagon to offer their take on the issue, Muslimality has yet to see a single response supporting the parody whilst being substantiated with simple, basic evidence from the Shari’ah. As Muslims, the actions we carry out and the choices we make are all evidenced by the Shari’ah. Our point is simple: Anyone can support the parody. This is their choice and so long as they can find a Shari’ah reason to validate their support, they are free to make open statements regarding their support and/or feelings.Likewise, any person who does not wish to support the video or wishes to speak out against it is welcome to do so as long as he/she has Shar’i proof.

One of the most common arguments which pro-parody judges have seen fit to whine about, constantly harping on about and quoting ahadeeth totally out of context and void of any authentic commentary was, “WHY DID YOU NOT ADVISE RIAAD MOOSA IN PRIVATE?YOU ARE GOING AGAINST THE TEACHINGS OF ISLAM”, “YOU HAVE NO UNDERSTANDING OF HADEETH”, “YOU DO NOT UNDERSTAND WHAT SUNNAH MEANS” blah blah blah. We have allocated ample time for the retraction of such ludicrous statements and now wish to set part (a very big part) of the record straight.

Upon contacting Riaad Moosa via Twitter and ASKING HIM to contact us VIA EMAIL so that we could have advised him in private despite him slurring the Sunnah in public. Riaad Moosa then asked us to place our response on HIS Facebook page. We declined and offered to publish it on our blog rather; to which he asked, “What’s the blog addy?” An excerpt of the Twitter conversation is reproduced in the picture appended to this article.

We now request the various judges, whiners and commentators who saw fit to ‘judge’ Muslimality’s response without proper research of the matter at hand to please review the conversation we have referred to and explain to us WHY our response was made in public. Strange, isn’t it? Nonetheless, even though we hate to say, “We told you so,” we care very little for amassing brownie points and proving ourselves right with such small matters such as these. The bigger issue and greater matter is that of the degradation of Shari’ah and Sunnah on a PUBLIC scale.

Once again, if there is any Shar’i evidence proving our response to be incorrect, kindly forward us such evidence and we will gladly effect amendments. Until then, save your comments and baseless theories for some other blog.


The Muslimality Team

فليقولوا ما يقولوا انت من ارجو رضاه

  1. Muhammed says:


    Alhumdulillah, I enjoy the natural honesty, transparency n firmness of your facts produced in defending the Sunnah n Shariah. The truth is always bitter n what difference will it make to reveal your identity. As long as you are portraying the honest fact from Qura’an n Hadith n welcome any fair cricism, I think its a job well done. May Allah be pleased with your contribution n let Him be the judge of your sincerity. Let not the spectators distract you from propagating that which is true due to their lack of knowledge n chose to remain ignorant especialy with regards to our Deen. Unfortunately when one is being corrected it seems wrong. Why don’t surgeons in Theartres treat their patient wit gentleness irrespective of his life being threatened. Then everybody would say, No his right by being harsh n respects his decision. We r quick to jump onto the Danish cartoonist when mockery was made about our Beloved (SAW) not because he was a cartoonist or a non-muslim, but because of his action. so why r we defending Riaad Moosa’s action. Isn’t it as bad as the cartoonist. “Br. Riaad we LOVE you, but condone your action. May Allah(SWT) forgive you n all of us, n have Mercy on the Ummah at large”