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Questions to the Jamiat Kwa-Zulu Natal

1. Are the Jamiat KZN and Jamiat Fordsburg in agreement on issues of Fiqh or are their major disagreements? If so, what are the various issues?

2. Who are the Muftis of Jamiat KZN? Does the Jamiat KZN have a fatawa council? If so, what is the link between the fatawa council and other branches of the Jamiat KZN?

3. Official response on ILM SA,  Tariq Ramadan and other individuals instrumental in the promotion of salafi, modernist and feminist ideologies?

4. Official response to the Family Eid Gah which takes place around the Durban area.

5. Is the Jamiat KZN in any way affiliated to the UUCSA? If so, what does this position entail?

6. What is the stance of the Jamiat KZN on the MPL and MMB? Is there any official response to the fatawa regarding those who subscribe to the MPL penned by Mufti Salejee and which was discussed out of context on CII?

7. Is Jamiat aware of salafi/modernist madressahs for children? What is the Jamiat doing to counteract this?

Just a note: I am in no way affiliated with The Majlis organisation or anybody else. Please leave the inferiority complexes out of this and merely provide simple, academic responses to the questions outlined.