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A concerned individual has collated video and audio recordings regarding slaughter methods used at abattoirs worldwide.

Due to Rainbow and other poultry abattoirs refusing the general public access to their farms, the individual in question obtained confirmation from Rainbow to the effect that the methods used to slaughter chicken at Rainbow are exactly as those of leading abattoirs worldwide.

We reproduce hereunder SANHA’s supposed rebuttal to the expose regarding poultry slaughter methods.

Muslimality comment:

Muslimality is once again issuing an OPEN invitation and clear request to any individual, scholar or otherwise, not affiliated to SANHA or its affiliates to forward us a clear-cut, authoritative, valid fatwa based on solid, authentic and clear Shar’i juristic principles stating that Rainbow chickens and other battery and broiler chickens certified Halaal by SANHA and the MJC are HALAAL.

Please note that we are not interested in the so-called views presented by those working for SANHA and the MJC nor do we consider opinion-based verdicts as valid in the Shari’ah.


SANHA’s comments appear within the quotation marks:

A reader forwarded a YouTube video clip on chicken slaughter from an unknown source styling themselves as the chicken truth.

Without forcing our views on any reader, we list our rebuttal and leave it to the discernments of enlightened minds to draw their own conclusion.

From our point of view we firmly believe that the information is fatally flawed and presented with malicious intent on the following basis:-

1. Of what use is the identity of the source? Does it matter who is ‘The Chicken Truth’? Why can you not simply answer the questions?

2. Enlightened minds are still awaiting your responses to the unanswered questions posed by brother Ahmed Laher. If, for some odd reason, SANHA cannot seem to find the questions, please click here.

3. Your failed attempt at inferring that it is only the enlightened who will blindly swallow the vomit spewed out by SANHA is indeed indicative of your lack of solid proof. Hence like so many who wish to just enforce their opinion on the public, you rush to play the emotion card.

4. Irrespective of whether the reader had acted with malicious intent or not, simply answer these questions and we are almost certain that the numerous smear campaigns SANHA constantly wails about, will come to an end.


This group’s stated stance is that the issuing of Halal certificates is “foreign to Islam and do not hold any weight”. They further expostulate that “From a Shari (Islamic) point of view, there is no such thing as a Halaal organization. Such organizations never existed in the time of Nabi Muhammed Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam nor in the time of the illustrious Sahaba, may Allah be pleased with them. Neither did they exist for 1400 years. These groups probably sprouted up within the last 4 or 5 decades. Based upon Western concepts and frameworks…”

It is impossible for any argument, based on a wrong premise and naked prejudice from the outset, to arrive to the correct conclusion.

Whilst we are not affiliated to, nor are we interested in defending a the points of view of the reader who submitted the videos, we ask you to kindly explain why is it that you, SANHA, are now trying to fuddle the mind of your blind followers by merely stating some concocted principle being quoted out of context. Where, pray tell, are your juristic rebuttals to the FIQH questions posed to you by concerned members of the public?

We have in our possession clear-cut emails from SANHA telling questioners “We do not deem it necessary to offer you an academic response.”

We must also bring to your attention that the individual has not based his entire argument on the point that you mention above. Muslimality has found a solution to SANHA’s woes: SIMPLY RECORD A FULL DAY’S WORTH OF SLAUGHTER ON UNTAMPERED, UNCUT VIDEO AND ALLOW THE MUSLIM PUBLIC TO WITNESS FIRST-HAND WHETHER STUNNING, HOT-DIPPING ETC. IS TAKING PLACE OR NOT. This is what enlightened minds want.

2. Ulama are dimwits

Ulama are the inheritors of the knowledge of the Prophets (Peace be upon them) and have been giving leadership to the Ummah for centuries. They hold the Noble Quraan immutable, the Sunnah (Prophetic Traditions) sacrosanct and accept differences in opinion which are not opposed to or are in conflict with them. Their decisions and edicts are in the best interest of Islam for their respective communities. It is patronizing and ludicrous to the extreme to believe that thousands of Ulama have lost their wits and direction to “have unwittingly legalized these bodies.”

It is frightening to contemplate that hundreds of thousands of people from Halaal bodies to butchers, retailers and communities take direction from Ulama in these matters who according to the faceless Chicken Truth individual/group cannot discern right from wrong, yet they can.

Where and when has the individual stated that Ulama are dimwits? Why again do you wish to play the emotion card?

The usage of the word “unwittingly” does not imply the Ulama are dimwits.Do refrain from such blatant lies.

We also issue an open request to SANHA to please provide us with clear-cut academic proof provided by any authoritative Aalim/Mufti substantiating SANHA’s activities.

3. Anonymity

Whilst this group boldly criticizes and slanders Halaal bodies, the Ulama, producers and the public whilst sprouting Quraanic ayaat, it cowers behind a cloak of anonymity. Surely, if they truly wish to “save the muslims” then they ought to have the courage of their conviction and stand up for their beliefs and engage with all parties?

What can be the vested interest that prevents the writer/s from revealing their identity?

How again does the identity of the individual matter? Does SANHA need someone to sue? Please visit the reader’s website and see the contact us page.

Simply answer the unanswered questions and all these anonymous bodies will leave you alone.

It is strange that you speak of courage yet you run away from simple requests for academic proof!!!

Vested interests? Does the reader want everyone to start getting certified with his halaal certifying body?Must everyone buy chickens from the string of abattoirs he supposedly has waiting to start delivering chickens as soon as the public stop trusting SANHA?


4. Hearsay

The group has failed to attest the information into sworn statements and follow any process that gives the accused the right to call and cross examine witnesses, not to incriminate oneself, the right not to be tried on secret evidence, the right to exclude evidence that is improperly obtained, irrelevant or inherently inadmissible e.g. hearsay, punishment for perjury, the right to exclude judges on the grounds of partiality or conflict of interest, the right of appeal etc.

The absence of this renders the information as hearsay and places their work in the realm of fitnah and rumour mongering.

The aforesaid is but another glaring example of the actions of extremists against mainstream Islam.

Please be assured that the processes used in Halaal certified commercial abattoirs are endorsed by mainstream Ulama and all chickens certified / approved by SANHA is undoubtedly Halaal..

We will not provide the Shar’i response to SANHA’s pathetic excuse of sworn statements etc. due to the fact that after contacting SANHA numerous times we have reached the conclusion that they are in fact quite scared of and possibly allergic to Shar’i proof.

Once again we plead with SANHA,forget the side-issues and simply answer the questions the public wants answered.



Was Salaam

Yours sincerely
For South African National Halaal Authority

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Public Relations Officer

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