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A few months ago I experienced an unveiling. It is the sort of unveiling which rocks your soul to its core and you wait until your body, mind and soul sway back into balance only to be catapulted into another whirling frenzy. Such is the life of a believing Muslim…

To call it an epiphany would do it a gross injustice. My “Eureka!” moment happened upon me whilst engaging with individuals of around the same age and with some sort of vastly different, yet similar goal. Islam is a religion so complex that when the truth and understanding of such a beautiful religion hits you, it hits you with an awakening that is powerful and profound. I found my darkened heart being pulled back from the innermost recesses into a light which can be rivaled by no other. I had found my purpose, this was my calling.

The search for the truth in religion has now encapsulated all that is my inner and outer being. Whenever somebody seeks to bend the truth as they see it results in an altercation of truth. As you can imagine, this occurs quite often in religion. Therefore, it has now become as important as ever for individuals to concern themselves with the search for the truth of Islam.

The path of truth has never been an easy one. History bears testimony to the fact that this is a path beset with trials, tribulations, insult, harm, malice, jealousy, abuse and various other forms of malicious behaviour. The hadith bears testimony to the fact that Prophets (alaihis salaam) are the ones most exposed to tribulations. The correlation between truth and tribulation is quite clear. The greater the purity of heart and word, the greater the trials.

On the path to spiritual perfection, the seeker must first understand that perfection will only be achieved after enduring rigorous and often, testing circumstances. Should his aim be clear and his goal correct, he is advised to stand firm holding on to the rope of Allah Ta’ala as entire legions of corruption and evil try to waver his aim day after day, night after night. As it has been said by the Akabireen, “He who looks at our end will be destroyed. The one who wishes to become like us should look at our beginning.”

This means that when you look at a pious person or one who has traversed the path of Sulook, you should not look at the end result i.e. their current level of acceptance amongst people, their fame, the honour they have, the weight their words carry etc. Instead, you should look at their experiences before they had gained their fame and honour. The sacrifices they had to make and the valuable life-lessons they had learned in their search for the truth made valuable contributions to the development of their character and soul.

The endurance level required from one who decides to traverse the path of truth is immeasurable. This may also be the reason why it is “the path less travelled”. Very few people have the courage, the will and the zeal to endure the sacrifices, the hardships, the strain and many other factors which hinder their journey towards Islamic enlightenment. Some may begin their journey extremely enthusiastic only to fall off the wagon somewhere down their path, others become deeply engaged in the material benefits of a temporary world and their path to truth is hampered in the lust for the wealth they may amass from it.

And then there is another group of individuals, albeit a very small group, who have endured and continue to endure in their search for the truth of Islam. There are always forces which persist in ridiculing, vilifying and tormenting those who wish to uphold the true, pure and authentic Islam. There are always trials and tribulations continuously testing the seekers and upholders of truth and the criterion by which success is measured in the field of true Da’wah is acceptance in the court of Allah Ta’ala.


Note: I will be discussing the meaning of true Da’wah Insha Allah in a later post. Stay Tuned!